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Morning Worship: 10:45-11:45 AM

From Pastor Jeff Maxwell

Every member a missionary?  I see that sign on a church parking lot in the lake area as I drive through.  Now the pastor of that church served several years as a foreign missionary, so he has some idea of what it takes to do missions.

But he also knows that missions is not just something we do overseas or around the other side of the world.  If we don’t do missions here, we are less likely to do missions anywhere else.

It is good for us to support missionaries like Robert nad Cerena and the work they are doing in the Phillipines.  We must continue to the “uttermost” parts of the world segment of the great commission without question.

But we need to be busy with the “Jerusalem” segment as well.  We give our money and prayer support to those who are called to go to that uttermost parts of the world to share.

But we have to give ourselves to the Jerusalem part.  Often that is the toughest issue for us.  But before we can really be missionaries over there, we have to start doing it over here.